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Flat Wire Shaped Wire Square Wire
    Flat Wire
Flat Wire Edges
  • Smallest width .020" - Largest width .500"

  • Different edges available: full round, natural round, broken corners, and square
Spools/Reels 5 lbs. min. - 1000 lbs max.
Oscillated Coils 12", 16", 18", 24" I.D.
50 lbs. min. - 1000 lbs max.
Cut to Length 2" min. - 20 Foot max.
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No. 1 Edge A Smooth, uniform, round or square edge, either slit or filed or slit and edge rolled as specified, width tolerance +- .005".
No. 2 Edge A natural round mill edge carried through from the hot rolled band. Has not been slit, filed, or edge rolled. Tolerances not closer than hot-rolled strip limits.
No. 3 Edge Square, produced by slitting only. Not Filed. Width tolerances close.
No. 4 Edge A round edge produced by edge rolling either from a natural mill edge or from slit edge strip. Not as perfect as No. 1 Edge. Width tolerances liberal.
No. 5 Edge An approximately square edge produced by slitting and filing or slitting and rolling to remove burr.
No. 6 Edge A square edge produced by square edge rolling, generally from square edge hot-rolled occasionally from slit strip. Width tolerances and finish not as exacting as No. 1 Edge.
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